Monday, June 13, 2011

Brownsville Community Survey in the Daily News

In October 2010, the Juvenile Justice Corps hit the streets of Brownsville as part of a week-long community service project called "Operation Data". Operation Data is a community survey aimed at eliciting perceptions about the quality of life, crime, and opportunities in the neighborhood. The New York Daily News recently ran a story about the survey at in anticipation of the release of the findings. The article, “Terror in Brownsville: Survey finds Brooklyn neighborhood grappling with 'serious issues,' like guns” can be found at, The survey in  concentrated on issues faced by young people such as gangs, drugs, violence and employment, and will inform the creation of a Youth Justice Center in the neighborhood. Corps members conducted interviews in barber shops, soup kitchens and bus stops and even walked alongside hurried residents on their way to work. The survey took less 10 minutes to complete, but many Brownsville residents spent far longer talking with the Corps members, choosing to miss their bus or delay their plans to share their hopes and concerns about their neighborhood. Word got around about their efforts and by the end of the first day; residents were literally lining up to be surveyed. Planners of the new Youth Justice Center were hoping to collect 500 surveys and Corps members blew that goal out of the water, conducting over 800 surveys! Corps members were blown away by the community's openness and interest in the survey project and are looking forward to seeing how the findings will be used to make real change for young people in Brownsville.

 Corps Members conduct surveys in Brownsville